Zack is known for his deep pocket and for actively listening to his fellow musicians. His drumming is always in service both to the group and to the music itself. 


He has founded and led an award-winning 14-piece funk band, won national jazz competitions, and played at venues internationally. 

Though he is experienced at playing everything from jazz to disco, Zack's favorite genres to play are neo-soul and hip hop. 

Zack's style of playing and attentive ear brought him musical success at Brown University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts. At Brown, he did extensive session work, backed numerous groups, and toured across the Northeast. 

Zack has studied Brazilian rhythms under Alberto Netto, Ghanaian drum and dance techniques under Kwaku Kwaakye (Martin) Obeng, and jazz with Tino D'Agostino. Combining all he learned from his teachers, he has developed his own signature style.


With every performance, Zack brings positive energy to the music, his bandmates, and the audience.